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Origin Living Workshop—Promoter of long-term care and community care service. (Liberty Times Apr 15, 2018 )

Who says youth don't do long-term care? From changing the urinary catheter to listening to the caregiver, this café is all-inclusive. CommonWealth Magazine Mar 28, 2018

Origin Living Workshop, a new paragon of long-term care service( Feb 12, 2018 )

Premier Lai: This makes society believes long-term care could become a full-fledged industry ( Feb 10, 2018 )

Origin Living Workshop, a new model of the long-term care service.Youth Daily News Feb 10, 2018

Premier Lai promotes long-term care as Taiwan officially becomes an aging society.New Talk Feb 10, 2018

Have a coffee, and the Long-term care resources come to your Dec 15, 2017

Vice President Chen visited Origin Living Workshop and recognized the innovative achievement of community careNews Release of Office of the President Republic of China July 4, 2017

Origin Living Workshop, the first care café in TaichungTaiwan Association of Family Caregivers 2017

Have you been to Origin Living Workshop? A warm integrated cafe for elderly and caregivers(i Long-term Care May 26, 2017 )

Social enterprise Origin, the pioneer of long-term care. (China Times Apr 30, 2017 )

Embrace aging, Universal design service housing is blooming​Liberty Times Apr 29, 2017

The first Café built for elders in Taichung.(Apple Daily Apr 22, 2017 )

Caregivers, come and have a warm coffee. (Common Health Magazine No. 229)